Our service is one of the key elements that will make your job easier and your business more efficient and profitable. We eliminate the 'Joy Stealers' of doing business: Worry, Stress & Anxiety   We work on YOUR schedule, from providing estimates and samples, to delivering the finished product.  We understand that maintaining promised delivery is essential to your product’s success.  Our courteous staff will keep you informed of your job’s status every step of the way.  You can rely on us to provide the service you expect and deserve.

We provide our services to a variety of customers – big and small.  Regardless of the size of a customer’s company, or the scope of their order, the Lockport Steel Family prides itself on treating all of our customers with the same respect and dedication throughout.


The caliber of outside service companies you use in manufacturing can contribute greatly to the overall quality of your product.

At Lockport Steel Fabricators, we realize this and make sure that every job we do reflects the highest quality.  We consider the entire manufacturing process to ensure you’ll get what YOU need – when YOU need it.

We set up jobs with a minimum of waste and inspect each individual piece to eliminate rejections.  For jobs with multiple components, you can be confident that the quality of the final piece in your job is equal to the quality of the first.   For individual products (large and small), rest assured that the utmost care and eye to excellence in EVERY conceivable area is our objective.  

We know that our dedication to quality is ultimately what will yield the success of your product in the marketplace:

We value YOUR SUCCESS as much as our own.

What they're saying...
"Lockport Steel is the first call that I make whenever we need anything metal-related!" Peter Griffin , cust. since 1985
"With a lot of companies with such expansive capabilities, you're worried you could end up just another number - at Wil-Lan they've always made me feel like I'm their most important customer." Thomas Cabillo, cust. since 1990
"Quick turnarounds, great service and quality every time...the Bending Specialists is a company that lives up to their name!" Michael Metzger, new customer 2009
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