At Lockport Steel Fabricators, when we say that we are your ONE-STOP for your metal fabrication needs, we mean it.

Lockport works in ALL METALS: Carbon; Steel; Alloys; Stainless Steels; Aluminum - and every variation therein.

We've come a long way from out humble beginnings and can handle fabrications or weldments up to 40,000 lbs, which is probably one of the reasons that Lockport is preferred by ELECTRIC COMPANIES, STEEL MILLS, POWER PLANTS and many more industry leaders.

Plate Burning
Hole Punching
Repair / Remanufacture obsolete OEM Parts
Stress Relieving

At Lockport Steel we specialize in CUSTOM work, so we would love the opportunity to work with your specific fabrication needs.

We are TURNAROUND & OUTAGE SPECIALISTS, so you can rest assured that even specialty jobs will always be completed ON TIME, every time.

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