Strength/Weight Ratio
Electrically Conducting
Attractive Appearance
Virtualy Seamless
Easy to Fabricate
Range of Finishes
Joinable in Many Ways
Easy-Assembly Designs
Complex, Integral Shapes
Precise, Close Tolerances
Assured, Uniform Quality
Design Freedom

Since 1952, The Wil-Lan Company has supplied and fabricated high quality aluminum extrusions. In addition to creating custom dies, we offer a variety of existing profiles and shapes with access to over 10,000 extrusions dies in a variety of alloys and tempers.

Wil-Lan's merger with Lockport Steel Fabricators was truly a match made in heaven: industry resources, skill and vast experience only added to each other's already impressive record.

Discover for yourself yet another reason why Lockport Steel Fabricators is head and shoulders above the competition

Our Capabilities
Extensive availability of alloys & tempers
Solid, Semi-Hollow & Hollow shapes
In-House Die Shop
Fabrication: special cutting, mitering, notching, bending, welding, deburring, heat treatment, assembly & special packaging
Finishing: powder coat, anodizing, polishing, brushing, bright dip
Company Vehicles & logistical assistance
  • One-Stop Shopping: Supplying the extrusion and fulfilling your fabrication & finishing requirements
  • We work together one step at a time from: Design, Prototype, Fabrication & Finishing
  • We guarantee excellent turnaround times AND we have the ability to accomodate any size project
  • The quality of our finished projects is always consistent and meets our customers' specifications
  • Our Service & Quality has enabled us to continue to build long-term partnerships with our customers
  • Ask us about our in-stock extrusion tooling for your quick turnaround projects
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